We factories maintain following compliance rule

1. Child labor: Anyone who has not reached the age of sixteen is regarded as a kid, according to The Factory Act of 1968 in the Bangladesh labor code. The employment of any minors under the age of fourteen is prohibited by Article 66. The management of the factory agreed to handle this situation.

2. Forced labor: No instances of forced labor being used in factories were discovered.

3. Health and safety: Management is required to give sufficient gloves and/or masks to the relevant workers following Bangladesh’s The Factories Act, 1965, Chapters 3 and 4. Through instruction, they must be inspired to use such safety items.

4. Compensation: The factory must accurately record and pay all hours worked on payroll forms and time cards. This complies with Bangladesh’s 1937 Payment of Wage Rules.

5. Working hours: No one may work more than 10 hours per day and 60 hours per week in the factory. According to Bangladeshi municipal law, a 60-hour workweek consists of 48 hours of normal duty and 12 hours of overtime.

6. Discrimination: Recruitment must not be biased at the moment of hiring to avoid violating social responsibility standards.

7. Discipline: Verbal abuse, physical or mental coercion, and corporal punishment are not permitted in the industries and are not to be supported. Wages cannot be withheld as a method of discipline.

8. Free association and collective bargaining: All employees are entitled to engage in collective bargaining when addressing their rights.

9. Management systems: The management systems should be held accountable for garments compliance and they should ensure employee rights.

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